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Leela’s Story

Leela Kashmir is a Pianist and Film Composer with credits including “Law and Order” and “Sue Vicory’s Film”. Contact Leela for your next Film or Television project.

Leela Kashmir started playing the piano at the age of 4 four years old making up her own compositions. Leela was raised by her grandmother. Music became her passion for helping her escape the pain of an absent mother and father.

At 16, Leela was in a near-fatal car accident with a semi-truck and was in recovery for over a year. Her hand was broken in seven places, and she was told she would never play the piano again.

She never ever gave up hope and has become a successful pianist whose music has been placed in the TV show, “Law and Order.” She was one of the nominees for the film “Absent” and currently has other television and movie projects in the works.

Leela Kashmir



My Journey

Leela Kashmir was born in Victoria BC. Canada.
She has studied classical music since the age of 4.
She is a graduate of the Victoria Conservatory of Music.
She also a Graduate of the Royal Toronto Conservatory of Music as well as studied composition at the University of Victoria.

Television & Film
Leela’s music has been used on the television production of Law and Order Special Victims Unit as well as L.A. Ink. Composed music for the short film “In the Dark”, Victoria, BC.

Leela spends her time between Maui, Hawaii, and Osoyoos BC Canada, where her son, Kaleb, lives. She is available to work on any composing/scoring projects.

The title track of Leela’s CD “Awakening”, was written for the short documentary “Mt. Shasta. (Listen)

Her newest compositions, “The Purist Collection” was recorded live during Leela’s performance at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center by Peter Lago owner of Maui Wave studios. The performance is now available on CD in our online music store, purchase or listen here.

Composed, scored and recorded the music for the
Children’s Imagination Series: “A Visit to the Circus”. This integration of the literary, visual and audio was created to enhance the imagination of the young reader. The piano score for “A Visit to the Circus” was also published for music students by Circa Publications.