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My Approach On Teaching!

My professional approach and continual development have led me to become the leading provider of professional piano education. 

I combine innovative, fun and creative ways to teach music and engage with students to reach their full potential. Innovative music lessons and classes from beginner through advanced for children, teens, and adults. I have programs to suit everyone’s needs.

Leela Kashmir



Children's Music


Released: 19/06/2014
Label: A Visit to The Circus
Format: Digital Download

  1. Circus Introduction Leela Kashmir 0:13
  2. The Clown and his Bicycle Leela Kashmir 0:48
  3. The Elephant Dance Leela Kashmir 1:11
  4. The Haunted House Leela Kashmir 1:10
  5. The Lion Cage Act Leela Kashmir 0:57
  6. The Merry-Go-Round Leela Kashmir 0:56
  7. The Monkeys Act Leela Kashmir 0:34
  8. The Trapeze Leela Kashmir 0:44

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